From Platforms to Military boots

I cant begin to tell you guys how ecstatic I am! I've been looking for a pair of military boots for the longest. I know what you're thinking-yes I'm late on this trend.  It took so long because i needed a versatile pair which would be both work and weekend appropriate.  I think I might have found them in the pair below.

They're dark brown with *gasp* cheetah print! You all know my infatuation with cheetah and leopard print so this shoe was right up my ally.

What made this even better was the price, under $30! The leather doesn't look as cheap as many of F21 shoes usually are. 

It is surprisingly warm out today and should probably sport some sandals but I'm wayyy to hyped to not wear these.  

Casual OOTD post coming soon. In the mean time, check out the video...

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