Huh?! Not Fat Enough?

 “You’re not plus size!”  “You’re not fat, you just have a stomach..”  You guys will not believe the comments I receive from my youtube channel in response to my plus size fashion-type videos.  The comments usually come from women who are over 100lbs bigger than I am.  It’s bad enough that for several decades, society has negatively portrayed women with extra pounds; but to receive the same backlash, although opposite, from fellow plus size women is quite disheartening. 

Let me inform you all that I am not perpetrating  something that I am not.  Typically, plus size fashions begin at a size 12(w) and up, not size 20 plus.  Because I can fit into “some” F21 clothing doesn’t exclude me from using the term curvy or plus size.  If anything, my videos and blog show how depending on the cut and fabric, curvy to plus size women can shop at these stores.  To a curvy girl, lycra and stretch are mandates in the fabrics of our wardrobe.  Our clothing should be form-fitting NOT body hugging. Therefore, if I look slimmer than a typical plus size girl, that is because I know how to dress my body type to downplay the fat and showcase the curves.  Ladies, next time,  instead of lashing out you should be taking notes. 

Interested in more? Check my youtube video on body type here:

OOTD PICS--Trendy Power Blazer

Hi Lovlies,

For those of you who became familiar with me via my youtube channel, I will be posting this OOTD video later on today.  In the meantime, I wanted to share my work outfit pics.

Today’s look is all about the this Trendy Power Blazer detailed with exaggerated pointy shoulder with light padding.  I paired it with a basic stretchy black dress and a cheetah print scarf tied into a bow shaped for a chic work look.  The scarf ties in the browns and blacks seen throughout.



  • Blazer- Forever 21  (purchased Fri, 3/11/11, $27.80)
  • Dress- H&M (purchased December 2010, $14.95)
  • Scarf:  H&M (purchased Jan 2011)
  • Tights:  HUE 
  • Boots:  Steve Madden "Intyce" (purchased Jan 2011 at local mall but can be found online)
  • Cheetah Pony hair Platforms:  Zara (purchased Dec '10/Jan '11)
  • Makeup:  Eyeshadows from 120 eyeshadow palate purchased from ebay, and Clinique Perfectly Real face Powder, NYX lipgloss in “Natural”


I finally began to spring shop this past Friday. Along with purchasing the main item (more info here: ), I ended up scoring some great deals.  I am beyond ecstatic that I will be able to add these pieces to my Spring wardrobe. 
Forever 21:  I went quite light at forever 21. I only picked up 3 things.
A stretchy honey khaki Blazer

A slouchy off the shoulder top

Nordstrom-Off the Rack
A sheer hobo-style black top


An animal print faux silk top with very low back and bow detail

Michael Kors Real Suede Camel colored peep-toe laced shoe boots (IN <3)

*The camera pics do not do these items justice, especially the shoes.  I will definitely rock these looks for you in OOTD (outfit of the day) videos on youtube as well as pics on this blog.  Today’s mini haul goes to show you that just because you’re plus size does not mean you cannot shop from non-plus size stores.
Tell me what you think.


Finding an affordable semi-formal dress for a curvy/plus size body can be challenging.

Occasion: My daughter's Baptism
Date:  April 2011
Mission:  A body and budget friendly dress

So after work today, I ventured out to Nordstrom's-Off the Rack store in hopes of finding a dress that fits and under $50.  I walked into the fitting room with 16 pieces. After being in there for over two hours, I checked out 4 items including the dress.  MISSION COMPLETED!  I was able to find an appropriate dress for the occasion.

The dress is from designer, Taylor ( and has the right cut and details most flattering for a curvy body:  cap sleeves and a thick braided chain embellished collar; it has darts on the bust area as well as an attached stretchy elastic belt that separates the two different fabrics-solid grey color on top and stretch linen tweed-like fabric on the bottom. 

The belt nips me at the smallest part of my upper body giving the illusion of a smaller waist and the collar brings the attention upwards away from the tummy area.

Feedback welcomed...

Style is NOT just for the Skinny!

It took me a long time to embrace my curves; I'm not going to lie.  However once I did, my confidence grew.  I birth an appreciation for my large bust, in your face hips, my shapely thighs and round but.  With an abundance of trial and error, over-time I was able to educate myself on how to dress my particular body shape. Learning to ACCENTUATE the best bodily features and DE-EMPHASIZE the not so great ones is a technique that EVERY woman should know-plus size or not.  This is the reasoning behind the creation of my youtube channel, JusLivN and extending that into my blog, CurvEnvy.  Through outlets like these; I am able to show my curvy to plus size gals exactly how to dress their shapes and while shopping, what looks to gravitate towards.  I showcase how I am able to create a chic outfit on my curvy/plus size body from clothes purchased at retail stores, some primarily targeted for junior to average size women.

Nowadays there are more variety for curvy girls.  I believe this comes from the gradual societal acceptance of the womanly shape thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks, and the like.  Whether via a reality show, a music video or tv; these women ooze sex appeal most entirely thanks to those God given curves. 

Retail stores like Torrid, Avenue, Ashley Stewart, Dots, and others carry on-trend plus size clothing typically from sizes 12-24.  Last year, Forever21 launched their plus size line Forever21 plus+, formerly known as Faith 21, in selected stores and online.  This line continues the eclectic and daring fashions Forever21 is known for, now in larger sizes.  ASOS, which happens to be my favorite online retail store, carry a plus size line named Curve.  Their clothes are inspired by many celebrities and has the UK flair that some of us American fashionistas appreciate. 

What does all of this mean?  It means that style can be acquired by anyone, big girls included.  Curves are to be appreciated and flaunted. 

Let them be CurvEnvious! 

Check these sites out:,, FOREVER 21,,,
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