Come Shop With ME: F21 and How I wore It...

Yes, I know, I know. Enough already with the forever 21. Lol, guys I hear you but I can't say no to these pieces. Not only are they inexpensive, they're visually appealing.  Two key and very important qualities I look for in my personal fashion.  Bare with me lovlies!!

So The purpose of this trip was to find a suitable outfit to a dinner cruise I was attending.  I needed to dress appropriately because 1) work affair 2) weather was cloudy and rainy.

Love this purple color but I wasn't too fond of the dress on me:

Dress $22.95 F21+

Clearly, I would have to wear a camisole underneath...a little to Bustilicious :o

Love the tribal print on this slub! I adore the contrasting yellow, cobalt, grey, black-u name it! 

Slub: $19.90 , Tank/dress: $5

The asymmetric top was long and stretchy enough to wear as a dress, or maybe it was a dress lol

All in all, I ended up buying the slub and orange dress/top.  Pics of me on the boat below...

Til the next posting lovelies...

Casual Sunday OOTD: Aldo Leggings and Platform Wedges

Hi Lovlies,

Once again, Im at Forever 21.  I've visited this store more in the past 2 weeks then I have in a whole year.  It must be the pieces they are coming out with-from tribal print to animal print, F21 has them all.
Anyhow, below is my laid back Sunday look. It's may be dressed up for some, but for me, this is casual minus the platform wedges :).  I had dinner plans afterwards, so as I do for work, I like my outfits to work dual purpose. 

Blazer: K&G Dept store $40 (sale)
Leggings: Aldo $20
Fabric and Leather Skinny Belt:  H&M $5.95
Button down:  Gap $??
Coral tank top: F21 $4.50
Cheetah print scarf:  H&M $5 (sale)
Wedges: Rainbows $30
Purse:  Bebe $350 (bday gift)

Preppy OOTD: Stripes with a hint of Cheetah

Hi guys,

Here is a work look I sported on Friday. I call it my preppy with a hint of cheetah. You all know I LOVEE animal print and had to incorporate it some way into this outfit. At first, i was hesistant but it actually worked out.

Where to get:
Blazer: K&G dept store $40 (clearance)
Button down:  H&M $10 (sale)
SKirt:  H&M $5.95
Oxfords: Dollhouse brand purchased from Rainbows $7 (clearance)

Some more pics....

I am happy to say that I decided to keep my lace front wig ( ).

I didnt really dig it before but I adore it now!! I plan on getting some layers cut into it soon but in the meantime, I am loving the long, straight and sleek look.  This hair even motivated me to go out and get new makeup lol. 

I heart you for reading!!!  KISSESS...


As many as you may already know, my hair is natural and for the past few months, Ive been wearing it out. However due to a straightening mishap, my hair became somewhat damage. As a way of getting it back to it's original healthy state, I am giving my hair a break.  As a result, I am back to wearing my wigs. This was my first online wig purchase and I am more then pleased about it. The transaction was smooth and I received my wig in about 3-4 days.  The hair I am referring to is Friday Night Hair's GLS43 Synthetic Lace front wig

I ended up cutting quite a bit off because for my frame and personal preference. I'm not that into really long hair. What I LOVE about this wig is it's versatility. My GLS43 looks different compared to the way several YouTube gals rock theirs. I was able to reshape it and make it my own.  I love a wig that gives you that flexibility.  I have nothing but good words to say about Friday Night Hair and their wigs. I look forward to purchasing more wigs from them.

My GLS43 is:
-came 21", cut to 16"
-big bouncy curls
-heat resistance
-Can be curled or straightened up to 380 degrees
-color 1b 


So while looking for a dress for a boat ride I'm attending in two weeks, I decided to try on this awesome animal print sweetheart top dress from H&M. You guys already know that I am digging their beige animal print that seems to be in every other piece in the H&M summer/spring line.  I have the shorts as you saw in the previous post (EDGY MOTHERS DAY OOTD). When I saw this dress, I practically flipped! I had to try it on as you saw in the video- ( I went to H&M in search of a dress for a boat ride I’m attending in 2 weeks. So glad I did.  I ended up trying a few pieces and fell in love with one as you will see below. I tried on some other pieces too that I wasn't too fond of but the dress was a definite go.
It is a strap less dress with sweetheart neck and light boning on top.  This dress comes in 3 colors/patterns:  The animal print you see here, white (with a black fabric belt), and in black (with this identical animal print fabric belt).  Purchased recently (5/11/11) for.....$19.95!!! No, not on sale, that is it's regular price!!!!!!!

Can you guys tell, I am really digging this dress LOL!

Yes, it is def boob city in this but, hey! You all know, I embrace my curves :) Here some more pics...

 I tried on some other pieces that were NOT so flattering lol.  Needless to say, they stayed right at the store.

As seen in my Edgy OOTD Mother's day post (, I am really loving H&M print shorts.  Not only are they light weight with elastic waist, they come in a myriad of patterns and colors.  Best part- they're only $12.95!!

Unfortunately, these particular shorts did not do anything for my body. These too stayed at H&M -_-

When I saw this bodysuit, all these possible outfits came to mind.  Well as soon as I tried it on, there was no possibilites lol.  $24.95
This was not flattering at all.  I felt as if I either needed a boob job or breast lift to do this top justice.  Needless to say, this too stayed at the store

I adored this dress. The navy pattern along with the white is so cute. It also had light padding in the shoulder. Then the funky back just did me in. Unfortunately, the dress was not flattering at ALL on me.

The shape of the dress is boxy and loose-fit which is not right for a curvy body.  It resembled a mu-mu or caftan. It reminded me of an oversized t-shirt...

If it had elastic at the waist or some kind of waist defining tailoring, it would've been a go. Unfortunately, I had to leave this one at the store :(

In case you didnt see the video:

Well that's it for my shopping escapade. I only ended up purchasing the sweetheart neck dress and 2 belts.  I cant complain, I only paid about $33!  Can't beat that!  Til the next posting lovelies. Feedback Welcomed...



Yesterday, was Mother's Day and for those of you who are not aware, I have a 6 year old daughter.  I decided to trade in the more conservative look of a dress or knee length skirt for something more fun, edgy and young.  This is what I came up with. 

The whole outfit came together because I wanted to wear these animal print awesome shorts.  For a curvy girl, it can get pretty trickey to pull off a pair of shorts but I find pairing it with stocking or tights does the job.  Whether it be denim cut-offs, corduroy shorts, or cotton-there is definetly a suitable pair of shorts for almost every season.  Since it's Spring, I decided to pair it with sheer stockings.  Because I think I played it safe by staying in the black and tan family, I added some pizzaz by sporting a COBALT BLUE pump with it!  HAUTE!!

I love the edgy appeal the Blue pumps give the outfit!!!!!!

Black Blazer:  H&M purchased winter 2010
Animal Print Shorts:  H&M purchased May 2011 $12.95
Sheer blouse:  I.N.C brand (can be found at Macys)  $15 -clearance-
Pumps:  Charles David for Victoria Secret (purchased April 2011 off ebay) $30

Necklace:  Aqua Brand purchased from Bloomingdales
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: H&M
Hair:  Lacefront wig from Friday Night Hair

To all the mothers out there, I hope your Mother's Day was a beautiful one
                                  -Sandee and Mariah

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