Monday, September 26, 2011


Happy Monday!! Ok, so I could have  had another day off but life must goes on. I don't know about you guys, but I am very relentless to pack away the shorts and sandals. Technically, it is Fall but with the warm sun peeking out every so often, I find myself gravitating towards the shorts and platforms and this weekend was no different.

Ive been dying to wear my Jeffrey Campbell "El-Carmen" platforms which I recently purchased at a steal.

Can you say PATRIOTIC! I wore this outfit on an early dinner with some friends at an outdoors restaurant. I loved that I practically towered over people all night LOL (something us short folks take full advantage of when we can).

As you can imagine, I got some stares and compliments all nights. My personal style is mostly classic with trendy pieces added as a way to update and compliment the look. Nothing says classic like denim. Here I opted for denim shorts since it was pretty warm out. To tone down the look, I added a red linen blazer and simple white tank.

In terms of accessories, I didn't want to take away from the shoes since they're the statement so I wore a gold chain belt which I turned into a necklace, my Michael Kors watch, and Juicy Couture toggle bracelet.

SHORTS...............OLD NAVY
BLAZER................THRIFT STORE
WATCH..................MICHAEL KORS

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi Lovelies,

Today's post comes directly off of my youtube ottd video.  This outfit shows how you can incorporate funky with classic pieces.  I am a huge fan of bodycon skirts primarily because they're really inexpensive and can be re-worked for various looks and occasions.

I work in an office setting where the wardrobe requirement is more business casual then formal.  However I will say that I tend to risk the "casual" part with my stretch body fitting pieces.  One way I tone it down is by wearing tights, flats or rocking a blazer.

I scored at the thrift store finding this grey blazer from Zara still with tags.  Price: $5.00!!

Crisp White Button Down
This is a classic and necessary piece in EVERY woman's wardrobe.  It works with jeans, skirts, slacks, etc.

Tribal Print Bodycon Skirt
Tribal print has been a trend for some time now and I am a huge fan of it.  It definitely puts a different spin on a otherwise mundane blazer and skirt work outfit.

I LOVE my Jeffrey Campbell (Foxy) shoes. People might think its crazy to wear metallic platforms to work but I love going outside the box clothing wise. I like that the silver worked with the black and white look.

I kept it basic and simple acessory wise. I had on pearl studs, my Michael Kors watch and a statement piece necklace.

Click on the video below to see my actual description of this outfit.  Until the next post lovelies...

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hi Lovelies,

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing Saturday.  Today was a pretty laid back day for me. I ran some errands then my daughter and I met up with my sister and niece and we all had an early dinner.  I wanted to be as comfortable as possible without looking too laid back.

My outfit consists of three pieces readily found in every girls (curvy or not) wardrobe: a tank, a button down shirt, and leggings.

The only wow factor was my gorgeous shoes-Jeffrey Campbell's Foxy platforms.  I scored these bad girls from LF boutique during their end of summer sale spectacular. These shoes were $145 but got them for....wait for it.....are you ready to die.....$28!!!!  As I walked towards the black pair, another frugal fashionista snatched them :(  But I managed to get a pair of Dolce Vita suede wedges instead; so not all's lost.

They look heavy but they're very light and oh so comfortable. I spent over 7 hours in them without any discomfort or pain.

This weekend, I actually ended up rocking my natural hair too-something that I rarely do.  As frizzy as it looked, this hairstyle took me nearly 20minutes to do SMH.

So how did you spend your Saturday?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


One of the things I've noticed about myself this summer is I seem to have become somewhat of a serial dater.  Its not something I am entirely proud of, but I can say that I've been able to go to some awesome restaurants.  My palate thanks every man who's opened me up to different ethnic dishes this summer.

On this particular date, we went to a great Greek Restaurant called Kellari Taverna in downtown, New York.  The food was delicious! I had seafood and some great appetizers I can't remember the names to.

Today's particular outfit offers two trends-the colored bottom Fall trend as well as the implementation of the color Rust. You can read more on Fall trends on my blog here.  I'm not sure how exactly this happened, but it also has a native American feel to it. 

The RED BOTTOMS are from Forever 21.  This is the most expensive item I have EVA bought from F21 at nearly $30!!!  It was totally worth it though. The color is really vibrant and surprisingly enough, the fit was dead on.  They're denim with 2% Lycra and has zippers at the hem going up bout an 1"-1.5".

My favorite part of this outfit are the shoes.  They're Michael Kors bootie style boots with open toe in a nice tan color in real suede.  I like that you can scrunch them down and wear them at ankle height or extend to below calf- very versatile.  I've only worn these booties twice. I guess I forgot about them. 


Feather accessories have been all the rage for some time now.  Specifically in earring form from an inch or two to chest length.  I saw these pretty pair in my moms inventory and had to buy them.  They're really long and feathers hang off chain links attached to a marble ball.  I don't know about you guys but I feel overwhelmed when I have two feather earrings on. I much prefer to wear just one like I did that night. On the other ear, I sported a gold stud earring. 

On my arms, I sported an array of bangles from cheetah to leopard print.  My Michael Kors rose gold watch and rings from H&M and F21.

Date went pretty well and Im happy to say, now I'm only dating him.  Works out best since I dont have all those names to remember ;)  



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