In keeping with the current trend of a monochromatic style, as per KimYe, I recently purchased a pair of wax jeans.  It gives the subtle look of leather from afar when in fact it's simply a technique of adding a layer onto regular denim.  To add some color to the ensemble, I added a colorful scarf and my Shoedazzle newbies, the Galvea asymmetrical pump with neon cut out.


Shimmer Silver top.............Gap
Grey blazer.........................Gap
Wax Jeans.........................Mall similar here and here and here
Asymmetrical pump............Shoedazzle
Statement necklace..............Baublebar
Arm candy...........................Forever 21, Ebay, H&M

thank for reading loves...

Think Pink!

 I'm not one to wear pink too often but I make it a priority to sport it during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Today's outfit spews different shades of pink-magenta, plum, and rose.  I thought it would be befitting to wear my most recent ShoeDazzle purchase, the "Galvea" asymmetrical pump.

If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen me post a picture of the Galvea this week fresh out the box.  It is almost a direct replica of L.A.M.B's "Harlie" pump currently retailing for just under $300.  The addition of neon pink gives it that instant pop. 
*As it is clearly evident in the pics, these shoes are slightly too big for me, UGH! I plan on buying so shoe pads which I hope will help alleviate that problem.  I'll keep you all posted.

Plum Velvet Blazer.........Thrifted
Rose Button Down.........H&M
Magenta pleated skirt......Old Navy (thrifted)
Triple chain necklace........Bauble Bar click here
Belt..................................H&M (old)
Asymmetrical Pump...........Shoedazzle click here


If you follow me on instagram or my FaceBook, or read this post, you would have been witness to my infatuation with the Valentino Rockstud pumps retail $900.  I'm a sucker for anything embellished so it was no surprise that I feel in love with these studded put classic pumps. In keeping with my living within my wage lifestyle, I googled inspired shoes similar to it and found the Erin from Shoedazzle.  Today's outfit of the day was inspired by the shoe with accent colors of gold, black and tan. 

  • Metallic Sweater- H&M (Winter 2012)
  • Animal Print blouse- Ann Klein
  • Crest Blazer- Ralph Lauren
  • Slim leg pants- Club Monaco
  • Chain link bag- BEBE
  • Studded shoes- Erin (Shoedazzle)

This is only the beginning. I will show many upcoming posts wearing these shoes to show how versatile they really are and for $39.99; you certainly can't beat it.

Steel Magnolia Remake- (My Review)

Having seen the original Steel Magnolias 20,000 times, I was sooo looking forward to this remake since seeing the preview in September.  For one, I adore the original movie and Julia Roberts character plus an all black cast was so refreshing and not to mention, one of my favorite singers-Jill Scott along with my mom-in-my-head growing up, Claire Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad).  Being a huge fan of Queen Latifah, this movie pulled all the stops for me.  I've seen Phylicia Rashad's daughter, Condola work before on Broadway so I just knew the girl would be able to pull off Shelby's role.  Sighhh  

This remake....gave me nothing.  I tried, I really did you guys but, I'm sorry, Queen Latifah just want reaching that emotional depth I think she would have had to be a realistic as the mother in that role. Perhaps she was too young or her acting wasn't convincing, whatever it was, the remake disappointed me in more ways than one.  We all know she could act, we've seen her in several roles in the past, but something just wan't hitting home on this one.   I think Alfre Woodard did the best job out of the whole movie.  The original character really peeped through which I appreciated.

Did you watch it?  What did you all think?

Look for Less (Shoes)- Valentino RockStud vs. Shoedazzle Erin

Happy Friday Lovelies,

So happy that it's here. Its a long Columbus Day weekend for several of you, but for me-NOT. I actually have work Monday sad face.  In any event, I decided to begin a new on-going feature on the blog entitled "Look for Less"  which will show how or where to purchase a similar if not practically identical designer look for less.  Yes, I know, not very original but it will have to do for now.  Without any further ado, the first designer item is the Rockstud Pump from Valentino.

I have been obsessed with these shoes since last Spring so imagine my surprise when I ran into an almost identical version from Shoedazzle of all places.  This was my very first Shoedazzle experience and needless to say, it was a great one.  Shipping didn't take very long and I loved the packaging.  The inspired Rockstud look is named "Erin" and also comes in nude.  Needless to say, there are some differentiates between both shoes-Erin has a back covering whereas Rockstud doesn't. Also, Rockstud has stud work on the ankle strap and Erin doesn't.  I actually own identical studs and been thinking about adding them to the strap.  What do you guys think?

If you lovelies are looking for a go to work shoe or dress shoe when you're aiming for that sophisticated chic look, please believe me when I tell you, Erin is where it's at.  Interested?  Click here for the link to register and start shopping.  Good luck to you all, they're selling fast! 

~ ~By the way, Im now on instagram-follow me instagram/CurvEnvy~ ~


Fall is upon us and so are the trends.  We all know that leather, Oxblood red, dark lips, distressed sweaters, and the like are few of the items currently trending.  However, one item that may be neglected in your haste of incorporating said items into your current wardrobe, in my opinion, is a statement belt.  Not only will these belts liven a mundane outfit, it also helps in cinching which automatically draws the eye to the narrowest part of the torso (a trick us curvy girls know all too well).  This is why I've compiled a list of amazing belts below from no other than ASOS, my go-to for anything chic for the past 3 years.

FYI: Ive included direct links to each belt in their corresponding captions. 

Rocker Chic
Click here for ASOS detailing

How Bad ass are you? You gotta be to sport this insanely amazing belt.  Pair it with an all black ensemble for an eye-catching look. Black sweater, skirt or leggings with ankle boots. 


Artsy Chic

I love this belt. I see it as an art piece more so than an accessory.  Pair it with a dress with limited gold accessories (watch, bracelet or two) and studs.  Let this belt be the focal point.  Its definitely a statement piece in its own right.
Click here for ASOS detailing

Lock And Key Chic

This belt went from my wishlist to my shopping bag in 0-2 seconds.  I love the toggle effect with the pin fastening.  The paneling is a snakeskin effect which stretches.    I would wear this with a bodycon skirt sitting high at the waist.  I also love the slimmer version which I own.

Click here for ASOS Detailing

Click here for ASOS Detailing

 French Chic

 Oh Lala. I think this is tres chic.  Basically you're walking around with the words Yes/No around your waist.  Clearly not a belt for those who dislike attention. Personally, I think its fun.  I would use the belt as a way to break up an otherwise, conservative ensemble-I'm thinking a fur vest.

Click here for ASOS Detailing

Versace Chic
Click here for ASOS Detailing

The back and side views.  BUY NOW!

I love the gold coins/medallion embedded in this belt. It instantly reminds me of Versace.  I would say this belt is more everyday-jeans, sweater, leggings, you name it.  Ironically, this belt has coins on it which is perfect since it is now on sale fore $12.31!!! Bargain Buy Lovelies!!!


I think these belts are adorable! They're skinny style which look great over cardigans, skater dresses and sweaters. You can't get more feminine than this! What really does it for me are the metal accents.  They are currently on sale, Bargain Buys!! Click the "here" under each picture for direct link to Asos Page.

Click here for ASOS detailing 

Click here for ASOS detailing

Click here for ASOS detailing

Click here for ASOS detailing

The above list gives a little of everything- edge, girly, and fearless.  Which ever belt is more your style, rest assure that you will definitely be styling and your midriff will be the center of attention.  If you purchased any of these, please let me know and post a pic on the Facebook page for us to see.  Until next time lovelies...


Its the Rock!- My night with JayZ

Happy Monday!

Boy, am I exhausted but I wouldn't have it any other way. The highlight of my weekend was attending JayZ's concert at the new Barclay Center arena-the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, formerly the New Jersey Nets. The center officially opened with a concert on Friday, the 28th by no other than the Brooklyn King himself.  I attended the third performance last night.  He was accompanied my an 8 piece band plus dj which made the experience even more epic.  He performed several of his hits from his very first album-Reasonable Doubt to current.  The crowd rapped along to "Encore, Big Pimpin', Bonnie a& Clyde" and many more hits. The arena is gorgeous and security was on-point for the most part.  Everyone was there for the same reason-to represent Brooklyn and to support JayZ. As the beat for "Empire State of Mind" came on, you couldn't help but feel the Brooklyn pride in the arena.  I, myself, am from Harlem, which is nothing but a 30minute train ride away but last night, I was a Brooklynite.

In keeping with the new team color of black and white, I sported a casual ensemble of coated leggings, varsity jacket and my JC Litas.

Fans of every age, color and gender were present in full support of this monumental time.  The only downfall for me was not having Beyonce make a guest visit.  That would have just made my year! I have the best BF who not only provided me an oppurtunity to see JayZ live but with floor tickets at that! Thanks honey!
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