Look Mom, I'm on TV

Happy Friday!!

So happy it's the end of the week but oh, what a week it's been! If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you would know that I made my first television appearance as a model for a fashion segment on the Wendy William's Show yesterday.  I received so much support and love from you guys through my social networks that I felt that you all were riding right along with me.  I've met so many great people from the producers, Anthony and Stephanie to the other models, Sophia, Gresly and Yorleny who made the experience, that much special. Of course, Wendy, herself was undeniable pleasant and cordial and not to mention, has the smallest waist eva! "How ya doin Wendy!"

I must mention that Lauren, the stylist assistant, was a doll and so sweet and accommodating   Lilliana Vazquez, the stylist, was great and I hope she know's that she has a gem by her side, in Lauren.  After the show, my cousin, Jen, my guest, and I went to the Chanel store and lunched before I ran to an appointment.

Oddly enough, I haven't seen the show yet as it was recorded live but thanks to some real supportive friends and DVR, I have my picking as to where to watch it at.  If you're interested in the details of my look or anyone of the other models,  follow this link.

Happy Weekend Lovelies!
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