Sandee Joseph is the quintessential super woman-mother, wife, higher-ed professional, part time graduate student, and style blogger, living in New York City.

Why start a style blog?

"It took me years to embrace my curves.  However once I did, my confidence grew. I birth an appreciation for my large bust, in your face hips, my shapely thighs and round butt.  With an abundance of trial and error, over-time I was able to educate myself on how to dress my particular body shape. 
Learning to ACCENTUATE the best bodily features and DE-EMPHASIZE the not so great ones is a technique that EVERY woman should know-plus size or not.  This was the reasoning behind the creation of my youtube channel, JusLivN  6years ago nd extending that into my blog, CurvEnvy in 2011. Through outlets like these; I offer style inspiration and fashion advice to my fellow curvy to plus size gals alike.  
My daily posts on CurvEnvy, I hope, help women feel confident, gorgeous and ready to show the world that "Style is NOT just for the Skinny."

For all inquiries please email me at stylishsandee@gmail.com
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